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Handshake is an interview prep service for people switching jobs or looking for work. With a mix of digital and in-person resources, Handshake’s brand persona is friendly, warm, and professional.

This project redesigned a service using a street flyer as source material. The resulting brand, Handshake, is a job interview training and candidate coaching service that is meant to inspire confidence and motivation. The tone of material offers positive reinforcement and make the interview process less scary, less mysterious, and less stressful. A booklet / folder combo gives users information about the interview process, as well as preparation checklists and a tracking sheet for after the interview is done. A smartphone app with multiple functions, including practice interviews with chatbots, as well as in-person audio or video (a premium feature) with professional trainers. Checklists, training, and practice material are pre­sented in a fun, playful way, with push notifications to remind and reinforce concepts.

COMPLETED: Spring 2019
DISCIPLINE: Brand Identity
PROJECT TYPE: Logo design, branding, digital